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Don't trash it, compost it

At Biomax, waste is our passion. We see waste not as a problem, but as a valuable resource waiting to be transformed into something useful. Our unwavering commitment lies in reducing, recycling, and reusing waste through natural processes. Taking the first step towards this vision, our kitchen waste composting unit sets the foundation for a greener future.      Read More

Organic waste being transferred from a small black bucket to a big black bucket with a background with grass
A green waste bin with recycle logo on it on a red background
A PET bottle repurposed as a hanging planter with small green plants

Transform your organic waste into nutrient-rich compost effortlessly and sustainably with the Biomax kitchen waste composting system. Our innovative product harnesses nature's power to create fertile soil amendment. By adopting our system, you'll save on waste disposal expenses, enhance soil health, and contribute to a greener environment.

a person holding a small plant- a person standing outdoors, surrounded by lush greenery. The dominant colors in the scene are black and grey, with accents of deep blue. The individual is holding a small plant in their hand, which appears to be a young sapling or seedling. They seem to be carefully examining the plant, perhaps admiring its delicate features.  The person's face is not visible in the photo, but we can infer that they are wearing dark clothing based on the dominant color scheme. Their hand is positioned gently around the stem of the plant, showing care and tenderness towards it. The outdoor setting suggests that this may be an activity taking place in nature or a garden.
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A green kitchen waste composting unit, consist of a can, two buckets and a stand for the can. The can is connect to one of the bucket via a pipe.

The new way of kitchen waste disposal, the right way!

Biomax Kitchen Waste Composting System


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A green kitchen composting unit placed besides a plant in a white pot. The composting unit consist of a can, two buckets and a stand for the can. The can is connected to one of the bucket throught a pipe.

Say goodbye to traditional household waste disposal methods and embrace the eco-conscious way

Explore our revolutionary kitchen waste composting system!

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